Adokiye Reveals “I Can Lose My Virginity To Davido”

Nigerian singer Adokiye Kyrian who claims to be a virgin said she can readily lose it to Davido in a recent interview with Telegraph, the singer opened up about her love life, career and more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

If you get the offer, would you auction your virginity for a million US Dollars?

My brother, I no fit lie to you oh, if this economy situation continues, well, I would be left with no choice but to do so.

Which Nigerian male celebrity, are you crushing on that you’d allow to disvirgin you, and why?

I love Davido; I think he has a good heart and I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know that he’s very nice and soft-hearted.

Have you ever been heartbroken?

By God’s Grace, no, never!

What’s your worst and best moment?

My worst moment was when I released a song that people didn’t like and my best moment is now that I’m releasing songs that people love so much.