IYANYA - “I Regret Not Getting Married Before I Came To Limelight”

Iyanya who recently joined Mavin records stated in an interview with The Net 
that he regrets not getting married before becoming famous.
When asked why he has no baby mama, or married, like his colleagues in the industry,

“I’ll be honest, It’s not very easy. If I had my way, I would have been married a long time ago,
 by now people will be seeing my kids.
It’s not very easy trying to get this music right and then adding marriage to it. The truth is even
though people think I have that bad boy reputation, I respect marriage a lot, I don’t believe I should
 get married and get out of it, so I’m not trying to rush into something I’ll rush out of.
It’s hard bro. If you say you want a girl from the church, you’ll carry devil, if you say you want a dancer,
you’ll carry trouble. I’m just trying to be patient and take my time and it’s even harder now that I’m famous
 because it’s really hard to find someone that truly cares for you when you are famous.
I think this is one of the things I regret, I should have married someone way back when my mum was still alive.
Back then my mum was always on my neck to settle down and at the time I always wondered why but now I see it.
 I’m not giving up though.”