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Life could have been easy and peaceful, if there was a magic formula or one easy solution for all your financial worries. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to anything in life and managing your money is no exception. It requires hard work, consistency and sound planning to successfully manage personal finances.

Prolific spending habits, inflation, high cost of living, etc all means that there are many ways to lose your hard earned money. This leaves customers' relying more and more on credit and quick loans until payday.

Credit is far more accessible now, thanks to the Internet, than ever before. Meaning more and more people are using online loans and quick credit solutions rather than prioritising their spending and financial habits.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important steps that you can follow for properly managing personal finances.

Set your goals

Setting your goals applies to managing personal finances. You need to write down specific goals concerning what you want to do with your money. Remember, finances have the potential to affect various factors and areas of your life. Your pleasure trip, early retirement, purchasing a house, etc are all dependent on how well you have planned your finances. When you have finished writing down the goals, the next important thing is to prioritise them. This way you will be able to ensure that you are giving necessary attention to the ones that are vital to you. It is best to list the goals in the order of their importance.

Prepare a sound plan

When you have set your important goals and prioritised them, the next step involves preparing a plan that will help you reach your goals. Every plan should comprise of multiple systematic steps. The first part of your plan should deal with ways to control your financial options and budget. This means, you would require creating a spending plan. The next step of your plan should involve getting out of debt (if there is any). When you have successfully managed to accomplish those two things, you need to decide what is to be done with your money to achieve the goals you have set.
Managing personal finances help

Strictly stick to your set budget

No words can sufficiently describe the importance of
sticking to your budget. Your budget is one of the best tools that will provide your success financially. You need to channelize your money such a way as to reach your set goals. Just because you have managed getting out of debt does not mean that you can start splurging on unnecessary things. You should have a strong commitment to stay out of debt, always.

You should not be shy or afraid of asking for advice from a trustworthy person or a financial planner. Agreed, you may have to spend a few bucks as consultation fees. But, the tips he may be providing might help you make important decisions by helping you save money and thereby by effectively managing personal finances.
A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.
John Ruskin

Online loans also known as bridging loans

Instant loans are loans used to bridge the gap between a person's pay cheques. Payday loans, or bad credit loans - see this site, usually range between £100-£1000 and have a maximum borrowing period of 31 days.

These loans are taken out with the agreement that it will be fully repaid on the customer’s next payday.

Traditionally, payday loans were only found in high street merchants. Over recent years however the advances in lending technology has allowed payday loans to become accessible for the masses online. As the level of instant loan customers increased,
more stringent rules and regulations were placed on payday lenders.

Now seen as a much safer method of lending, the type of customers applying for payday loans has changed. Before, payday loans were associated with people on low-income salaries, struggling to make money.

Now, a diverse range of people take out instant loans, with a recent study stating that at least 25% of customers were white collar workers earning high salaries. One factor that seems to deter customers from applying for a payday loan is the APR. It is ordinary for payday loans to have 1737% APR representative.

However, what most people forget to note is that APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a common measurement of interest rate for 12 month or more borrowing periods. Payday loans are only borrowed for a maximum period of 31 days. This means that APR is actually not a reasonable method for measuring the level of interest associated with a payday loan.

Money making advice

All of us like to earn money. We are living in a society where we are not able to do anything without money. So most of us are struggling hard to make some extra income by which we can improve our standard of living. You must be ready to work hard to earn this extra income. You can think about different creative ways to make money. You can do some part time jobs or work from home to earn this extra income.

How to make extra income?
  1. You can search online for a suitable opportunity to make money. There are lots of websites which help you to make money online. You can find a job based on your interests and likes. If you good in technical side, then you can think about creating a website. There are some sites where you can write and post your articles. There are jobs available for the individuals who are interested in the sales field.
  2. You can start a business of selling personal items like furniture, clothes and other personal items. There is great demand for these unused personal items. So you can take a garage and shift these items to the garage. You can give adds about your business and make use of the online auction sites like eBay for your business purposes.
  3. If you have an extra bedroom in your house you can give it for rent. This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money. You can give the portion of your room to an employee or a student for rent. But before giving for rent, you should ask for the personal and professional references especially if you are giving it to a stranger.
  4. There are several other jobs that you can find according to your passion. You can work as a babysitter, take contracts for painting homes, cutting lawns. These are some of the part time or full time jobs that you can do.
  5. There are scrap metal dealers all around the city. They usually accept old appliances, pipes etc. So you can go through the town and collect all the metal items found in a truck and sell them to the scrap dealer.
These are some of the creative ways to make money. You can try any of the above jobs according to your likes and earn an extra income. Whether you are saving money, spending your money more wisely, using loans online less and also realising you are in control of your finances, and no-one else.
Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.
Warren Buffett

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